Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Healing From Sexual Abuse Panel List & Bio

 Conversations With The Queen is proud to present our show Healing From Sexual Abuse. This topic is near and dear to our heart as well as many others in the black community. So please join your host Tae Queen and our wonderful guest panel on April 30, 2012 @ 9pm EST on blogtalkradio.com/poeticenergynetworkstation 
 or listen by phone 1917 932 8881                                                                                                                                                         

Sis. LeTava is a home school mother of 8 children (with 3 grand children). She is also an administrator for a
sustainable tribal living effort where she lives full-time to create a functional Matriarchal environment. She's a social justice writer with a heavy concentration on Afrikans world-wide.

 Tracey R. Bryant also known by many as The Honey Diva. She adds a candid flavor when discussing the art of romance, love and sex. She is the owner of Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store” a women's sensual empowerment boutique that assist and service women in the area of romance enhancement and sensual wellness. She is a sexual empowerment coach and has assisted countless women in reawakening their sensuality and developing true intimacy. She is a Rape Crisis volunteer, and works with women who are overcoming and healing from sexual violence and abuse. She is the hostess of HoneySoul Radio on Blog Talk Radio, and the online publisher of Honey Luv Romance Magazine.  Her mantra is “Live in the Sensual and Love in the Delicious.”

Avalaura Gaither Beharry is a healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor who has assisted numerous individuals and families. She is the  owner of Avalaura's Healing Center in College Park, MD. Using various healing modalities including Marabout spiritual healing, Spiritual counseling/Life Coaching, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Dream Interpretation, and more, she empowers and inspires you to discover your  true self and divine potential to live the life you desire to live. Avalaura specializes in helping people remove hidden obstacles and solve difficult problems.  She is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker who holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Howard University in Washington, DC. For more information about Avalaura visit her online at www.avalaura.com

"Dr. Sade" has been in wholistic health as long as she could remember. She reminisces to when her great grandmother would have her picking dandelion greens and poke root in the back yard to cook and eat, unknowing then of the medicinal properties. She started acquiring her formal knowledge about12 years ago while working at a small neighborhood health food store. Dr. Sade was forced to get an understanding of foods and supplements because the inquisitive customers wanted products and answers, so she had to get it. In seeking information for others, she digested what she learned and applied it to her own health. She struggled with weight and other health issues, but was determined to turn her life around. When she did so, others asked for her advice, which she happily shared. She converted into vegetarianism 10 years ago and veganism 2 years ago. She has extensive spiritual healing experience, is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor & registered Naturopath, and has training in HIV/AIDS awareness. Additionally, she is also a veteran licensed cosmetologist of over 15 years, master stylist, and beauty consultant with special focus on natural hair & skin care. She currently resides in DC Metro area of Maryland with her husband and two children, where she is looking to expand her healing arts and teaching.

Yuma "Dr. Yew" Bellomee was raised between Bronx and Mount Vernon, New York. It has always been said, by family and community members alike, that he possesses "an old soul", referring to his seemingly wise and precocious ways as a child. Brought up in ethnically cultural surroundings, Yuma found his first calling in the form of music, when he gravitated towards the West African djembe drum at the age of 9 months. Along with music and culture, he also realized the importance of wellness at an early age. With natural intuition, he would often take on the responsibility of trying to awaken health consciousness within family members, or to motivate them to make better lifestyle choices. Therefore, it was nothing but a natural fit when his father introduced him to the master traditional healers of the community, who would turn out to further mold him into his purpose. In addition to feeding him their guidance and knowledge of medicinal herbs, foods, nutrition, etc., they also inspired him to learn independently and apply his information and experience to help the mental, physical, and spiritual state of himself, his family, and his community, to which he is dedicated. To accomplish this task, he combines a variety of traditional healing modalities with current information, logic, divine inspiration, and love. Yuma is now certified as a Holistic Health Consultant through the International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Priestesses, and Religion, Inc., and was also registered as a Naturopath through the Health Professional Licensing Administration of Washington, D.C. in 2009.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healing From Sexual Abuse

On Monday April 30,2012 @9pm est Conversations With The Queen will be doing a special show dedicated toward creating awareness, prevention, and healing from sexual abuse. We will be featuring a panel of experts on the topic that will be addressing this important issue. It is time that we speak up and speak out about the psychological, physical, and spiritual damage created by sexual abuse. No more silence! IT IS TIME TO HEAL!
To reach out and get more information on this event like our fan page facebook.com/conversationswiththequeen you can also email us on conversationswiththequeen@hotmail.com The call in number is 1917 932 8881 or you can listen to the live stream via blogtalkradio.com/poeticenergynetworkstation

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Affirmation of Word

I open up the line of communication to speak to the depths of my being.I affirm with in myself the ability to speak my future into existence. I speak with confidence and authority in my ability. I suspend my doubts, fear, and anxiety of the future and it's out comes. I harness the power of gratitude to will the truth of my divine purpose and speak with harmony, poise, and abundance. I am one with the power of my word.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April's Yoga Pose: Child Pose

Benefits of Child's Pose

Performing Child's Pose has many great benefits to the body and mind. Your head is lower then your heart, therefore you receive more circulation in the face. It works on muscle groups within the body and can be a natural therapy for relieving stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Child's Pose strengthens and tones the hips, thighs and ankles. These muscles get a nice stretch. The longer you hold the pose the better the effect. The spine is also lengthened when you drop the hips down to your heels and relax your head and arms forward on the floor. It's a great pose for those with any back or neck pain. It's also a great choice for pregnant women during the first trimester.

This calming pose relaxes the brain, and helps to clear the mind of any negative thought. It helps you to focus and is a good aid for those who suffer from panic attacks.

It's important to breathe deeply into the pose, inhaling positive thoughts and exhaling all the tension throughout the body. Every breath should calm our minds and ease any stress or negativity. You can hold this pose for 10 breathes.

Steps for Child's Pose

  1. Knees are at least hip width apart.
  2. Rest your front ribs on the tops of your thighs.
  3. Forehead is on the floor. Heels are apart, big toes touching.
  4. Arms can be down by the feet (palms facing up), or arms can be extended forward. (palms facing down).
  5. Press hands and feel your sitting bones on the mat.
  6. Hold this pose for about 10 deep breathes.
    information from www.lexiyoga.com