Thursday, February 23, 2012

Derek (D. International) Rouse on Conversations With The Queen on 2/27/12

DEREK “D.INTERNATIONAL” ROUSE—A 23 year old social entrepreneur and youth ambassador from Philadelphia, PA. He is the Founder/CEO of Ma'at International, a Pan-African cultural tourism travel club network, as well as current Vice President. of the National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) organization in Philadelphia, one of the oldest and largest African-American marketing. PR, and business professional organizations in the U.S.

Ma'at International is an “Africana Studies” Group Travel Club, Youth Study Abroad Honors Organization, and Global Cultural Tourism-Investment Network started in January 2011 by 23 year old social entrepreneur & Africana Studies student, Derek "D.International" Rouse from Philadelphia, PA. The name “Ma’at” was chosen because she is the Kemetic (Egyptian) deity of Truth, Order, Law, Morality, Justice, Reciprocity and Balance. All of these principles are what they teach and what their company stands upon. They are an organization creating platforms for international opportunities in volunteering, internships, labor, investing, & "Know Thy Self" cultural exchange & study abroad tours. We want to help educate students, teachers, mentors, and parents about the importance of Africana Studies by combining socially-conscious traveling & interactive education thru national & international cultural tourism of historical sites, culturally conscious concerts/event series, and community development through wealth-building, co-branding, & fundraising.

Derek is very passionate about teaching young adults about investing & social entrepreneurship as well as creating platforms for international opportunities in volunteering, labor, investing, & "Know Thy Self" cultural exchange tours. Through his collective efforts, networking & collaboration, he has given many students and adults alike the opportunity to travel to Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mexico and others. This has allowed participates to re-connect with their ancestry, comprehend many sociopolitical issues while expanding their consciousness & experiences by breaking out of their "8 block radius" mindset to a holistic worldview perspective. As of now, he is partnering up with many cultural-based organizations, non-profit organizations, museums, churches, and business organizations such as NAMD to provide travel opportunities for students and adults as well as international branding and PR for collaborating & sponsoring businesses. He is very blessed to know and continues to strive to make a living while making a difference!

So join us on Monday 2/27/12 on

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Queen Nova on CWTQ 2/20/12

On Monday 2/20/12"Conversations With The Queen" We will be having Nova Burch of Nu Kmt Learning Center continuing our black history month specials! We will be discussing "The Importance of Home Schooling in the Black Community" The Show will be from 9pm-10pm EST The call in number is 1(917) 932 8881 you can visit their website

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ras Jahred of House of Rastafari On CWTQ

Join us tonight @9pm EST for this weeks edition of "Conversations With The QueLinken." We will be introducing special guest Ras Jahred.
Dale Wathey (Ras Jahred) is a man who is of great service to not only his local community but the black community at large. Ras Jahred is the founder of a Non profit organization called "House of Rastafari" which was founded in 2002 and the owner of a local culture shop, Natural Vibes Since 2002 House of Rastfari has benefited the lives of many local youth, offering services and programs dedicated toward uplifting and educating local youth. Over the next couple of years House of Rastafari hopes to broaden its reach by engaging in community and youth development in Africa. They are especially excited about their plans to build a school in Bignona Casamance village in Kafountine, Senegal. So join us as Ras Jahred explains his visions and plans for helping our people at home and abroad. This show will be a great edition to our black history month specials. It will be one you don't want to miss! The call in number is 917 932 8881 or you can listen to the live stream via

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Powerful Mantras & Meditations

If you've heard the show, you know that we ALWAYS emphasis the importance of meditation and meditation practices such as yoga, deep breathing, and gemstone therapy. All these practices are great ways to get still and just be, but one of the greatest tools that was given to us by the ancient is the use of sound and vibration to reprogram our subconscious and super-subconscious minds. This ancient practice is most often referred to as Mantra or Chant. These practices use specific phrases, words, or sounds to permeate the conscious mind and speak to the soul. Some of the most powerful and healing Mantras I have come across and would like to share with you are as follows.

  • Om Mane Padme Hum (Hung)

  • Medicine Buddist Mantra
  • Quan Yin: The Great Compassion

  • Heart Sutra

  • Heart Sutra Mandarin
All of these Mantras and Sutras should be effective in aiding you in elevating your consciousness and your awakening process. Don't forget to check out "Conversations With The Queen" Every Monday Night @9pm EST on the Poetic Energy Network Station.
To listen to A show I did pertaining to this subject called How Sound Effects the Mind: Frequency and Sound Therapy

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ancestral Affirmation: Black History Month

From the depths of my consciousness i rise to meet my ascension both here in the physical and in he spirit. Let my mind be open clear and diligent to receive the words given to me by my ancestors in all forms that it may come. I honor them, as they are delighted to see my journey of growth and love. ALL power and blessings be to our mighty ancestors who have laid the foundation upon which we stand.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Celbrate Black History Month?

Why should you celebrate black history month with Conversations With The Queen? Well as you may know CWTQ values a holistic and conscious approach to life. As black people, it is imperative that we utilize any venue necessary to further gain knowledge of ourselves. So much of our culture and history has been hidden or erased. So "Conversations With The Queen" will be making a conscious effort toward bringing quality shows dedicated toward uplifting humanity, but more specifically black people at home and abroad. So tune in each week as we will explore topics that pertain to helping ourselves and our communities. And understand that black history is not limited to 28 (or 29 in a leap yr ;) days but it should be explored and understood 365 days a year! I will keep the blog updated as our guests are scheduled. Conversations With The Queen airs every Monday night at 9PM EST the call in number is 917 932 8881. You can listen to our live and archived shows on and you can also keep up with us through our new facebook fan page Link
Yours always,
Tae Queen

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brother L on "Conversations With The Queen" 2/6/12

Brother L will be starting off our black history month specials right! He will be speaking on "REAL Black History" Catch special and reoccurring guest Brother L on Conversations With The Queen on 2/6/12 @9pm EST The call in number is 1917 932 8881