Thursday, February 23, 2012

Derek (D. International) Rouse on Conversations With The Queen on 2/27/12

DEREK “D.INTERNATIONAL” ROUSE—A 23 year old social entrepreneur and youth ambassador from Philadelphia, PA. He is the Founder/CEO of Ma'at International, a Pan-African cultural tourism travel club network, as well as current Vice President. of the National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) organization in Philadelphia, one of the oldest and largest African-American marketing. PR, and business professional organizations in the U.S.

Ma'at International is an “Africana Studies” Group Travel Club, Youth Study Abroad Honors Organization, and Global Cultural Tourism-Investment Network started in January 2011 by 23 year old social entrepreneur & Africana Studies student, Derek "D.International" Rouse from Philadelphia, PA. The name “Ma’at” was chosen because she is the Kemetic (Egyptian) deity of Truth, Order, Law, Morality, Justice, Reciprocity and Balance. All of these principles are what they teach and what their company stands upon. They are an organization creating platforms for international opportunities in volunteering, internships, labor, investing, & "Know Thy Self" cultural exchange & study abroad tours. We want to help educate students, teachers, mentors, and parents about the importance of Africana Studies by combining socially-conscious traveling & interactive education thru national & international cultural tourism of historical sites, culturally conscious concerts/event series, and community development through wealth-building, co-branding, & fundraising.

Derek is very passionate about teaching young adults about investing & social entrepreneurship as well as creating platforms for international opportunities in volunteering, labor, investing, & "Know Thy Self" cultural exchange tours. Through his collective efforts, networking & collaboration, he has given many students and adults alike the opportunity to travel to Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mexico and others. This has allowed participates to re-connect with their ancestry, comprehend many sociopolitical issues while expanding their consciousness & experiences by breaking out of their "8 block radius" mindset to a holistic worldview perspective. As of now, he is partnering up with many cultural-based organizations, non-profit organizations, museums, churches, and business organizations such as NAMD to provide travel opportunities for students and adults as well as international branding and PR for collaborating & sponsoring businesses. He is very blessed to know and continues to strive to make a living while making a difference!

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