Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer of Greatness Ft. Louis Narcisse

Join us Mon. June 24th as we discuss a "Summer of Greatness" Ft. Louis Narcisse of Pharaonich Brand. We will discuss his career as an artist and designer. We will also explore the concept of greatness. The call in number is 917.932.8881.

Born in Brooklyn in 1972, I think my mother was a big influence in my love for fashion. As a single mother of three, she took pride in her & her children’s appearance. We then moved to Long island in ’83 & ever since 1st grade we attended Private schools, so no real expression of individuality & school & especially being a twin my mom still used to try & dress my brother the same or at least similar. In my sophomore year in High School I transferred to Uniondale Public High School & it was then I was free to dress differently & boldly! Having worked at some clothing stores & the local mall, I developed my sense of fashion & got my own style of dress. This was when designers Like Karl Kani was coming up & I admired how He turned his own personal style into a brand! It’s at that point I wanted to work in fashion & one day have my own clothing line. I spent the next few years working in Fashion affiliated jobs, first starting out in a Screen-printing Factory for several years & then went on to work in the Garment Industry in Manhattan, where I worked as a graphic designer rapidly moving up to Art Director, working for 12yrs in the #1 Apparel company in the US. Having as much experience & passion for the Fashion, I feel like it’s time for me to leave my mark in an rapidly growing industry. 2003 is when I created the Pharaonic Clothing Line under Pharaonicorp LLC. The clothing line first started out as just a hobby but realized that my production knowledge & design sense I could easily turn this hobby into a brand. I’ve spent the last several years taking classes & attending seminars formulating the Pharaonic Brand into what it is today. The idea for the Pharaonic brand came about because I didn’t really see too many clothing line representing the African Diaspora & also because we as descendants of African ancestors have through the decades, centuries & millennia have forgotten our vast history! This is why most of my graphics represent something from our lost legacies & great period in our history! I want the Pharaonic Clothing brand to remind us all of what great heritage we have & come from. My goal is pretty much summed up by the clothing lines motto “Get Back to Greatness” Because we owe it to our ancestors & all those who have paved the way for us to be here today!

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