Friday, July 19, 2013

Responsibility through Self Defense The Trayvon Martin Case Ft. Adisa El

Join "Conversations with the Queen" as we discuss the Trayvon Martin Case from a self-defense perspective with Master Martial Artist Adisa El of Courage. We will explore this issue from a unique and solution oriented angle. The call in number is 917.932.8881.

Adisa El (Adisa Heru-Tehuty Hannib-El) Founder of I Am Courage: Warriors Rites of Passage, Kupigana
Ngumi/Martial Arts rites of passage program for all age groups. Founded in 2006 to live and provide a greater access to martial arts training in Adisa’s life, greater access for his community and for people in general who don’t have access or are learning martial arts ``outside themselves``. I Am Courage is a platform medium that promotes the development and nourishment of the action of Courage, which is necessary to have to achieve all and any virtue in life including healing, healthy lifestyles, and from self-development to community development via a rites of passage process. Adisa is a 3rd generation martial artist, 1st degree Black Belt and holds ranks and experience in several arts, he is a trained Afrikan/Moorish Holistic Health practitioner, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, Actor, Artist Manager, Martial Arts Instructor, Writer and Mentor, Motivational Speaker. Along with those before him who started the Kupigana Ngumi movement, noticed the lack of “our martial art” presence and cultural expression in their communities, as Capoeira is in Brazil, and Salsa is in Cuba. So they through their own efforts developed and introduced martial arts training and schooling to their peers and communities and “I Am Courage” is Adisa`s own efforts for his community in the territory in which he resides. He also serves on the M.U.F.T.I./Vanguard Enforcement and Security as the Grand Mufti/Vanguard in Canaanland/Kanaanta (Canada) of the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World. He supports and works with various organizations active in the true upliftment of the quality of life among his people and all of humanity. “I Am Courage” has been traveling performing, doing workshops and lectures in schools, programs, festivals, etc. throughout the country and receiving independent film roles. ``We Will Find A Way, or Make One`` - I Am Courage, Salute!

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