Thursday, November 14, 2013

Generational Division Ft. Avenging Wind

Join Conversations with the Queen as we welcome Avenging Wind. We will address the generational Division. We will discuss topics like shift in music and parallel with the increase in private prisons, the golden era versus new school, and how women and men are portrayed in music. The call in # is 917.932.8881

How can an unseen force be described? Simply--it cannot; it must be experienced.

Avenging Wind is such a force: an artistic emissary of a new narrative of free expression; an artist without apology.

. His origins hail from Memphis, TN-home of the Blues. He has been making music for approximately 2 decades, much of which found him in obscurity. The occasional coffee shop emcee battles, and Hip Hop performances drew him local/regional attention, but this was ultimately underwhelming.
We find him in this 'now'- rising from the ashes like the fabled phoenix, and through a musically alchemical fusing of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk/-Jazz and Blues doused with fierce lyricism, Avenging Wind speaks through an innovative medium he simply refers to as: New Blues.

The world is starved for new narratives, and Avenging Wind means to be a forerunner in that endeavor. In a nutshell: he is The New Blues Man.

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