Sunday, August 19, 2012

Charles Anthony "Edutainment Television"

On CWTQ Monday Aug 27 Charles Anthony otherwise known as his lashawan quadash hebrew name Ahyash Ahmath is the current CEO and Co-Founder of the new black conscious internet based television network Edutainment Television. The company is in its beginning stages and currently under construction with shows and commercials in production. He is a very multifaceted individual. A talent hip-hop artist (see Edutainment2012 or truthordietv2 on youtube), hebrew israelite teacher (see his youtube channel ahyash ahmath), a writer (the principles book 1), and a television entrepreneur. His book The Principle which will be a book of short proverbs and wise sayings is currently being written. He was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina. to a military dad and a stay at home mom. after graduating high school he enlisted in the united states army and was generally discharged after 18 months of service. while serving he converted to the hebrew israelite faith and began teaching on street corners soon after. following the doctrine of the hebrew israelite sect Greatmillstone. otherwise known as GMS. after teaching for about 2 years he left the sect and broadened his spirituality. He graduated From tidewater tech trades trade school this past august with honors in the field of automotives and will attent college at another institution of higher learning beginning this fall. pursuing a business degree. He is 24, unmarried and looking to the future. with his big ideas and hard nosed work ethic he is sure to leave is mark on society.

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