Saturday, August 4, 2012

Womanifest Contest Winner: Cezanne Poetess

Congratulations to our Womanifesto Winner Cezanne Poetess! She has won the 
opportunity for her  poem will be featured on the Conversations With The Queen & The Queendom Post blog sites! She will also get the chance to spit her poem live on Conversations With The Queen and receive a free pair of Angel Wings Earrings! 

The Preparation 

As you walk in, 
I can feel your passion rising. 
But you’re not ready for me, 
See, you’re still carrying the negative energy 
You picked up along the way during your day, 
So let me run you a bath 
And help you wash all your troubles away. 
Leave behind all the pressures of life 
The worries and strife 
The drama, the bills 
And enter if you will, into my Queendom 
A safe haven 
A place of mental freedom 
Feel my energy, 
Come, lay your head on my chest 
Feel my breath as I whisper sweet words of love in your ears 
Ease your fears, 
Let me stroke your face, 
Erase the tension, 
Let me massage away the stresses of the day 
Relax, enjoy 
Let your Self go 
Think of nothing, 
Not even me 
Let the aromatherapy soothe your mind, spirit, soul and body 
Allow it take over all your senses 
Let your mind be free 
Hmmm...there you go 
NOW you’re ready for me!
Touch me, and now I want you to
Touch me, you know it’s only you
Who can make me feel the way you do
So touch me and make my dreams come true.
You’re my Sun, I’m your Moon
Ooooh, there’s nothing more I love to do
Than to share my energy with you
‘Cause you give it back to me so good!
(Oh baby, you make me wanna sing with this sweet sweet loving you’re giving!)
So touch me
Lay your kisses on me and
Touch me all over my body baby
‘Cause when you’re touching me your love for me I feel
So touch me and let me feel your energy
(Yeah, right there baby...)
Cezanne (visual & spoken word artist/author)
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  1. Well done Cezanne your poems conversations are truly an inspiration, this is well deserved.