Friday, September 28, 2012

CWTQ 21 Day Fitness Challenge

The mission of this challenge is to provide an opportunity and platform to create wellness by leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Description: This challenge is a way for us to implement an active life style in an interactive format. The basis of this challenge is founded upon the fact that it takes approximately 21 days to form or break any habit. By being active for at least 20mins every day for 21 days we are creating a habit of activity and fitness.  As well as the fact that there is always strength in numbers, by creating a community of support around a personal goal we are more likely to succeed. All you need to participate in this challenge is a positive attitude, a desire to be healthy, and some form of internet access.

Challenge Directors: A challenge director is someone who will be informing all who participate in the challenge of their activity while taking it, via webcam and or blogging. The challenge director’s purpose is to inspire and inform others of their experience and journey. It is imperative that the challenge directors remain dedicated and honest throughout the challenge. Anyone can participate regardless to age, race, gender, or fitness level. The more experiences that are shared the more successful this challenge will be. By providing an accurate depiction of our triumphs, struggles, and strengths we will encourage more people to start their journey to overall health and wellness.

I cannot wait to share my and my colleagues’ experiences with you and the world. One by one, we can not only challenge, but inspire others to make a change toward bettering their lives; mind, body, and spirit.
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