Thursday, September 20, 2012

Her Passion For Poetry Ft Jazzy Sdilhc

I was born September 9th 1978, on the southside of Chicago. I am the sixth of seven children. In 1984, my parents moved my siblings and I to Nashville Tn, where I have resided ever since. I began writing poetry and short stories at the age of eight. Both of my parents are also writers(as well as all my siblings). So creative thinking and literature has always been embedded in my genes. Out of all my writing skills (short stories, essays, speeches, etc.), poetry took a strong liking to me and soon became my passion. After my two children were born in 2001 and 2003, I became very busy with work, school, and of course, motherhood. Which did not leave me much room for anything else, especially not poetry. I was forced to take a break but still knowing that I loved to write and I instilled the freedom of writing to my kids. In 2009, I took my gift of poetry and words to (what I felt as) a higher level. I started performing my pieces live in front of an audience. This landed me a spot as the "House Poet" at a Nashville performance venue. In 2010, I went a step higher and recorded my first song. I ended up co producing(with my husband and producer Curtis Sdlihc) my 1st Cd entitled "Love Mixx Vol.1". But that was just the beginning. Now here I am two years later. I'm still writing, still recording, still performing, and still loving it! I have different projects that I'm working on and have so much more in store for my fans and supporters (whom I thank dearly).I will also be a guest performer at the 1st Annual SpokenWord Billboard Awards in Michigan this month. I have a few social media connections where I can be contacted. Facebook/jazzysdlihc and Jazzy Sdlihc Fan Page
..."im right with the mic, because i write with the mic..."

Jazzy Sdlihc will be a featured guest on CWTQ on Mon September 24. She is a profound poet and featured artist in the Spoken Word Billboard Awards. Come join us as we discuss her passion for poetry. The show starts 9 pm EST. Listen through the call in number 917.932.8881 or through

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