Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tru God on Conversations With The Queen

Nas. Jay-Z. Big Daddy Kane. Rakim. Outkast. UGK. EPMD. Mobb Deep. The
list goes on and on. Icons, legends, etc.... Well, hip hop has found
its next icon in True God. A man of the people, the true voice of the
voiceless, True God represents the future of Hip Hop and the shifting
of the tide. In a world of 360 record deals, disposable music, True
God is crafting a legacy that will stand as timeless and classic. He
has already faced death threats and warnings from organizations, some
powerful people to quiet down and still continues on his mission. He
is unwavering in his vision, his music, unapologetic and brash. His
music marks the shifting of the tide in this day and age.
True God, an artist born and bred in Baltimore, has become the premier
artist in the entire DMV area. With his upcoming musical projects,
production work, and upcoming documentaries, the TeamDAR industry
takeover is just beginning. His body of work musically is just the
His first mixtape "The Immortal Kingdom" stands as one of the premier
mixtape release of 2011 and can be found here at this link below
Songs such as "Everything Changes" feat Stephen Joseph and "Peace of
Mind" show his lyrical depth and musical range. His ability to
captivate with music is second to none. Along some of the most
enthralling verses of the year, "The Immortal Kingdom" featured
original production from Stephen Joseph and The Understudy, as well as
beats from Madlib and 9th Wonder. With its release, "The Immortal
Kingdom" set the tone for True God's debut album "Soul Revival" which
has been heavily advertised on his amazing YouTube channel listed
True God set a standard for artists when he created the "Making of
Soul Revival" documentary series on YouTube. "The Making of Soul
Revival" took viewers, listeners and fans into the creative process,
showing the way True God writes his lyrics, his literary, personal,
and musical inspirations for the project, and some behind the scenes
footage of the recording sessions. The 3 part series has been very
successful on YouTube and heightened the buzz for "Soul Revival",
which hit Itunes on November 3rd. Buy the album now!
Be sure to check out this amazing album, as well the singles "Original
Kings"(produced by The Understudy), Must've Been Angels(produced by
Speed on The Beat), No Time(produced by Speed on The Beat) and
Destined(produced by Speed on The Beat). From start to finish, this
album is amazing.
True is also into many other ventures, writing for website like
SmackSportsNY, 411mania, and co-hosting the popular Wrestling Radio
Show, Wrestling Heads(with co-hosts Skits, Ryan, and Matt... check out
the show and site, and True also runs a great blog which touches on
many topics( True is a jack of all
trades and is currently prepping up the release of his sophomore
album, D.O.A., which will be controversial and beyond classic for
sure. He's released the first few singles and will be dropping
the album on July 7th. Be on the lookout for that and make sure to
follow True on Twitter (@truegodimmortal).
It begins now. Just remember where it started.

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