Monday, November 19, 2012

Unique Imagery: Messages To Unlock The Mind Ft. Sepia

Sepia is a photographer who specializes in the genres of Documentary Photography, Fine Art Photography, and Conceptual Portraiture. And, he strictly use black-and-white film and some of my cameras are about as old 30+ years.

The artform of photography and the power of language helped to create a sense of inner peace to own civil war. He speaks of this in my soon-to-be released photo-memoir "The Suicidal Prose, Vol. 1". To learn more about Sepia Prince visit 

 Join us as we speak with the talented photographer Sepia on the art form of photography. We will speak on how the language of imagery can speak to the depths of your mind & reach places were words may fail. As well as converse about his up & coming projects. So tune in to this awesome & unique show.  

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