Thursday, January 10, 2013

Children: The Builders Of Our Nation

L’DIA MEN-NA’A MUHAMMAD, is a mother of 5 children, and grandmother. Life Path Awakening Empowerment Consultant, with 21 years  experience as "Pre-Birth Parenting" Midwife, Certified Childbirth Wholistic Health Educator/Doula, Certified Massage Therapist/ Wholistic Health Educator, Illustrator, Photographer, and over 12 years experience in Reproductive Health & STD/HIV/SA (substance abuse) Prevention Educator, Teen Abstinence Instructor, Senior Case Manager. As a Pre-Birth Parenting Midwife, & Childbirth Wholistic Health Educator, L’dia Men-Na’a Muhammad, supports parents with information to know how to wholistically pre-birth parent their children, before they are born through understanding “Epigenetics” & “How To Giving Birth To God” as well as after
the child is born by using their date of birth and birth name to provide information on activities, foods, aromatherapy, music therapy, maintain balance. Visit: FACEBOOK PRE-BIRTH PARENTING GROUP:

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