Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Giving Life Ft. Shira of SugarFreeTv

Shira J. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1982, to African American parents.  At the very young age of three, Shira became interested in entertaining.  The only way in which she could cultivate her art was by joining any musical team or club she could find, so she played cello for 13 years (until age 21), joined the theater department, and joined her high school dance team. 

In school, Shira excelled in her subjects, all with the hopes of becoming a physician.  She hoped only to please the likes of her peers and family with the similar educational background by maintaining normalcy – but Shira was nothing “normal.”

At 24, Shira switched all of her gears and followed her heart, into pursuing a legacy as a “choreographer for the stars” in New York City.  With the many ups and downs of the city hustle lifestyle, Shira endured many triumphs and hardships.

Shira faced homelessness for a brief time when she was 25.  Over a period of five years, she relocated addresses 8 times.  She held many jobs for which she was overqualified in order to maintain her dream, which ironically shifted from “choreographers of the stars” to “star.”

It was when she realized Shira herself was the star that doors began opening.  Shira began receiving phone calls from casting agents at MTV.  She began generating a new income for the career that came easiest to her.  Shira also found creative inspiration and a following simply by being a part of the city which she deemed “new home.”  After choosing to recuperate from a negative situation which jeopardized her abilities to create herself and becoming pregnant, Shira moved back to Ohio.

Shira is currently 30-years-old, and quietly working on other projects during her “off-season,” and will return to New York within the next two years to finish cultivating her dreams.

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