Monday, February 18, 2013

Revolutionary Women and Reggae Ft The Black Madhane

The Black Madhane

Her Foundation:

A native of Jamaica, The Black Madhane hails from a musical family and has always been surrounded by passion & creativity. From the time she was about 3 years old, her parents frequently took her to listen to their favorite neighborhood Sound System, "Roots Melody". In fact, her father was co-owner of the Sound and her mother would occasionally deejay on the mic. This gave Madhane a personal connection to the Dancehall scene and, laid the foundation that developed into a great love for music.  
As a youth she attended Half Way Tree Primary School, then she went on to Excelsior High. At age 12 she migrated to New York and instantly fell in love with Hip Hop music. By the time she was 14, she had moved to Los Angeles and formed the Rap duo "A.K" with her younger sister. "A.K" was the catalyst that inspired Madhane to start writing Songs and Poetry.

While attending Downtown Business Magnet High School, she became a part of the Academy of Finance and was encouraged to go to college to become an Accountant. However, as destiny would have it, Madhane would choose a different path. Upon graduating High School, she went to Florida where she linked up with the "Nyahbinghi Revolutionaries," a vocal group that consisted of two of her cousins. This experience had a powerful effect on her, as she embraced the Rastafari Faith and became more interested in learning about her African Heritage.

Her Journey:

In 2000, Madhane joined the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated (Melchizedek Order), a non-profit organization for the betterment of Black People throughout the world. A friend had introduced her to the organization and she enjoyed the works so much that she started spending a lot of time at the Local's Headquarters. During this period she met Crochet Guru "Mama Tradition" and was given an invaluable crochet lesson that would prove to go a long way. Later that year, Madhane also became instrumental in the forming of a new EWF Local (King Alpha & Queen Omega). While serving as the Recording-Corresponding Secretary of that Local, Madhane helped to organize "Melkam Genna", an Ethiopian Christmas celebration at the El Rey Theater. The event was very successful and it brought together many different elements from the black community in Los Angeles, including Nyahbinghi Pioneer Ras Michael and Ethiopian Professor, Neguse Ayele (UCLA). It was after this celebration that Madhane realized that a part of her life's work would always include organizing & promoting special events.

In 2001, Madhane made connections with veteran Reggae Artist, "General Jah Mikey" (Jah Sky Muzic) and started her first recordings at his studio. These initial recordings included songs like "Dun Know" and the historical masterpiece "Federation". While gaining experience as a performer, Madhane played venues in Southern California with Reggae/R&B Singer "Akua" and the all female ensemble known as the "Queens Compound". At that time, she also started promoting special events under the auspices of Mega Vibz Productions (MVP) which was a family company that she had inherited from her parents. Through Mega Vibz Productions, Madhane became known as one of the youngest promoters to emerge on the scene in Los Angeles, showcasing both local and international artists.

In 2002, she penned the song that would become the soundtrack to her future, the monumental "Royal Black Goddess". This song became an inspiration for many Women and it also gave Madhane a Vision to integrate her works under one banner : Royal Black Goddess Enterprises. In 2004, she formed the Royal Black Goddess Movement, a community group that brought black women together in Sisterhood. With the guidance of Gorilla Life Guru "Mama Shekinah", the sisters embarked on a 91 Day "Transformation Journey" which led Madhane to a life-changing initiation ceremony with her elders. That initiation gave her the determination to continue to manifest her vision. As a result, in 2005, she launched the Royal Black Goddess Clothing Line, which featured an exclusive collection of her hand-made crochet creations. In 2006, Madhane introduced Royal Black Goddess Productions and brought the world an event of immense proportions: "Revolutionary Women & Reggae," the Annual Tribute to Harriet Tubman, which is a celebration of International Women's Month. This amazing event takes place in Cambridge, MA and has brought many revolutionary female artists to the forefront. In 2007, the Royal Black Goddess Movement began organizing & participating in Rites of Passage Programs and Creativity Workshops for young women and girls.

Since that time, The Black Madhane has performed sparingly in major cities throughout the east coast. A promising orator, she has grown to excel in public speaking by hosting events as well as being featured as a guest speaker for several organizations.

Her Mission:

The Black Madhane is an Innovator and Entrepreneur who inspires others to follow in her wake. She represents a new generation of multi-talented youngsters making their contribution in the world. A humanitarian at heart, she is consciously growing into a Philanthropist, ready to share her resources for a worthy cause. Her mission is to continue to work for the betterment of her people while empowering women and children globally.

The Black Madhane is now ready to establish herself as a Recording Artiste, currently working on her Debut Album with Dis N Dat Productions to be entitled "Royal Black Goddess". This Album is sure to be a Classic, as it showcases her versatility, not only as an Artiste, but also as a Songwriter. While most Female DJ's would be likened unto the element of Fire, The Black Madhane flows like Water: an essential constituent of all living things which is known to take several different forms. As a "Musical Messenger", the cool vibration of her style is both calming and compelling. She presents an effective combination of powerful words delivered by the soothing sound of a medicinal voice. This is manifested as an eclectic blend of music with Spiritual Chanting and Deejay, flavored with Hip Hop Rhymes. The Black Madhane is a vibrant new artist on the horizon and she is ready to share her music with the International audience.

The Black Madhane is a Visionary. She knows that her Purpose in this Lifetime is to bring the message of upliftment to the poor and those who are faced with struggles. Having lived a life of struggles and long suffering herself, she understands the importance of Resilience, Perseverance and the will to Endure to the end, no matter what!

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