Sunday, February 10, 2013

Womb Health Ft. Tina Mama Moon, Safiyah, & Divine

Join Conversations With The Queen Mon. Feb. 11 @9pm Et  for this powerful discussion the health issues of the modern day WOMBman, featuring our powerful guest panel and Queen Mama Moon herself. This is sure to be a show all will not want to miss! The call in number is 917.932.8881.

Tina Mooney, lovingly known as Queen Mama Moon, is a natural and holistic wellness consultant whose main interest is women's health issues. She began her career in the area of maternal and infant health as early as 1997, and transitioned into other areas of women's wellness as recently as 2007.

She is a mother, writer and coach who draws heavily on her own personal experiences with feminine challenges and successes in order to help inform her clients about the choices available to them.

Mama Moon's fibroid journey began 15 years ago when she was first diagnosed with Breast Fibroadenomas. Over the years, she's lived with them and studied their movements and reactions in her own body. In early 2012, she finally rid herself of her fibroids for good. Since then she has been helping other women with information and support surrounding this issue, most notably with her blog, "We Can Be Fibroid Free!"

Queen Mama Moon also consults with women on other wellness topics such as sexuality, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, as well as general consulting about plant-based and self-guided wellness modalities such as flower essences, herbs and essential oils. She is also a Reiki Master and Tantra Practitioner.

Safiyah Naemah is a spiritual healer and cross-genre author. While on a spiritual journey, she gained an understanding of universal laws and healing modalities of the wisdom traditions. was birthed out of her transformation. It's an oasis of blog post, books, videos, and resources to guide women in their evolution, transformation, and ascension. Since kindergarten, Safiyah wanted to be a writer. That dream came true when she published her first work, under her birth name, Sherrice Thomas. She writes to tell inspirational stories with elements of love, deception, and a twist of taboo. Safiyah is also a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. 

Divine Bailey-Nicholas is a Traditional Healer/Rootworker, Prenatal Health Coach, ICTC Trained Full Circle Doula, Student-Catcher, Director and Founder of Community Birth Companion and Mother of 2 daughters.  Originally from Chicago, IL, Divine makes her home in Opelousas, LA where she enjoys gardening, homeschooling and working in the family herbal business--Supreme Wellness--with her husband Knowledge.

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