Friday, March 22, 2013

Naturally Beautiful: Black People and Natural Hair

This show will help to shed light and bring awareness to the natural hair movement. We will have a great panel of guests featuring; Jessyca Marshall, Derek Rouse, Loreen Hall of Natural Notts, & Lyndia West who will enlighten us on the world of natural "highly textured" hair. So tune in and enjoy! The call in number is 917 932 8881

Loreen Hall

Miss Natural Notts, aka, Loreen Hall
Olympic Athlete, who represented Great Britain, as a track athlete, for 7 years (Most memorable moments, during her athletic career are: Being ranked the fastest track athlete, in Europe, over 400m, at 17yrs old, ranked the fastest track athlete, in the UK, over 400m, at 19yrs old, 3 time Gold Medalists at the Australian Games and Olympic 400m, Quarter Finalist at 20yrs old.
Post Graduate in Psychology and Media Journalism (Former TV presenter for ITV Television)
Jewellery Artist: Founder & C.E.O. of two jewellery businesses: and
And the C.E.O. & Founder of Natural Notts on Facebook and The fastest growing natural hair forum in the UK and a popular base for natural hair care advice and inspiration.

Jessyca Marshal

Jessyca Marshall, LMSW and Founder, Naturally Beautiful Hair Care
Jessyca Marshall founded Naturally Beautiful Hair Care, based out of Brooklyn, NY, to provide a holistic approach to hair care and beauty. Her company focuses on addressing the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and health perspectives of beauty. On her own personal journey to embracing herself naturally, she discovered the need for such an approach and found that it was largely lacking in the natural hair community. She embraces and promotes all natural products and combines mental wellness, health, and spirituality in beauty treatments. In addition to mastering a technique that provides an alternative to small locks that uses a hair interlocking/inter-woven method, Jessyca is a New York State Licensed Masters Level Social Worker with a Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, and a masters in Social Work from Columbia University. She has spoken on various panel discussions regarding natural hair the psychological impact it has on Black women. She hosts events and mixers to promote the natural beauty of Black woman and is also the creator of the Brothas that Love Sistas with Natural Hair branded events to discuss the relationships and interactions between Black Men and Women around natural hair. Additionally, she provides internships to high school level females interested in natural hair care in Brooklyn, NY. She is adamant about advocating the natural beauty of Black woman, as well as natural and holistic means of maintaining beauty and wellness.
You can check out her website at or call 800.309.7520.

Peace, love and prosperity to you always,

Jessyca Marshall, Founder/Owner
Naturally Beautiful Hair Care
Brothas That Love Sistas With Natural Hair


—A 23 year old social entrepreneur and youth ambassador from Philadelphia, PA. He is the Founder/CEO of Ma'at International, a Pan-African cultural tourism travel club network, as well as current Vice President. of the National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) organization in Philadelphia, one of the oldest and largest African-American marketing. PR, and business professional organizations in the U.S.
Ma'at International is an “Africana Studies” Group Travel Club, Youth Study Abroad Honors Organization, and Global Cultural Tourism-Investment Network started in January 2011 by 23 year old social entrepreneur & Africana Studies student, Derek "D.International" Rouse from Philadelphia, PA. The name “Ma’at” was chosen because she is the Kemetic (Egyptian) deity of Truth, Order, Law, Morality, Justice, Reciprocity and Balance. All of these principles are what they teach and what their company stands upon. They are an organization creating platforms for international opportunities in volunteering, internships, labor, investing, & "Know Thy Self" cultural exchange & study abroad tours. We want to help educate students, teachers, mentors, and parents about the importance of Africana Studies by combining socially-conscious traveling & interactive education thru national & international cultural tourism of historical sites, culturally conscious concerts/event series, and community development through wealth-building, co-branding, & fundraising.

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