Thursday, March 28, 2013

Word Sound Power Ft. BlackFire

BlackFire is an amazing spoken word artist. He works to uplift the community by the power of word sound. So join Conversations with the Queen as we conduct an exclusive interview with BlackFire addressing the power of sound vibration. The call in number is 917.932.8881

Patrick "BlackFire" Beadle
aka Ras Sabur Tafari

BlackFire was born on in Jamaica and imported into the United States
of America at age three, when His ‘tour of duty’ began. Life in this
strange and distant land proved to be lonely and full of challenges
which BlackFire has overcome along His journey through Music and the
study of Ancient African Empires and the Modern Royalty of the
Ethiopian Dynasty His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie1st, Emperor of
Ethiopia. Ethiopia which is the land BlackFire claims as His Soul’s
birthplace is the only African Country never colonize by Europeans.

BlackFire turns to SPOKEN WORD (Word-Sound-Power) to reach into the
depths of His soul and create the healing messages of Truth that fuel
His hot, hot, hot fire to defend BLACK AMERICA and “The Way of Rasta.”

BlackFire is a successful author of several inspiring books,
including “In Defense of His Majesty: Poems by BlackFire,” “Young
Lion: A Poetic Journey Through Spirit and Scripture In a Modern
Context,” and “This Land Is My Land: a disposition on how our land was
stolen for trinkets.” He is also the best in Urban Dub Poetry Reggae
Style and Spoken Word Poetry, proven in His brilliant albums “I Am
Here,” “This Land Is My Land: Audio Version,” and the most recent
creation “The Way of Rasta.” BlackFire is a Lover of Music like His
Africa Fathers and Mothers, and says it is through MUSIC that He learn
to keep His head Up as a "Conquering Lion!"

His credits are numberous Including a Bachelor of Science Degree in
Biology and Biochemistry, Teaching English in Baltimore Middle School,
Organizing Adult Literacy Program in West Africa The Gambia,
Publishing a Paper on Malaria from Johns Hopkins University and Still
Performing his gifted poetry around the world including 48 of the 50
states winning Slam competitions from Coast to Coast. Some of His
local work includes featuring; Underground Sugar Hill, Lavish Lounge,
Apache Cafe, Grounds Coffee Shop, Silvers Delight Carribean
Restaurant, and various festivals and community centers including
working close with Al Sharpton's Brother, Minister Glascows "Ordinary
People Doing Extraordinary Society!"

BlackFire Gives Thanks first to The Almighty Creator, and all Jah Jah
Children seeking the Heights of Mount Zion and a way out of poverty.
He works ceaselessly to help those in need, especially women and
children, by donating his time, energy, and resources to liberate
minds, heal souls, establish Equal Rights and Justice on Earth, and
Bless struggling Brothers and Sisters with prosperous works that
benefit many lives and positively uplift whole communities. He is
constantly creating strong cultural and spiritual events and
gatherings to bring together Jah People in the High vibration of One
Love and progressing for Peace. His Organizations include
P.U.R.E.(Pure: Urban Reggae Energy) his motto is "People Perish For A
Lack of Knowledge." BlackFire is a Devoted Rastafari and Ghetto Street
SoulJah/Soldier who guides others who are searching for the Truth by
spreading the great knowledge of Black Monarchy and by sharing His own
Loving Wisdom through His infinitely creative works. One True Love He
says often reminding Us that Love is still the greatest weapon and


digital downloads:

Blackfire Art Productions

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