Monday, April 22, 2013

Healing From Sexual Abuse Featuring our Guest Panel

Keli Denise is a writer, blogger, editor, radio host, daughter, sister, auntie, educator, inspiration, lover and
healer. She began writing poetry at the age of six and after being told one of her gifts is to write, she took writing seriously. As a result, writing has become a way of therapy for her. She says, “For me, writing is my way of healing. My hope is that through my writing, I will be able to reach others so they too can heal holistically.” She also says, “I’m not a ‘healer’ in the traditional since of healing. Through my writing I tell my story and inspire and empower others to do the same. So, in essence, I am a tool used to aid another in them healing and connecting to their Divine Self”.
She graduated from Webster University with a Bachelors Degree in Media Communications in December 2005. She will pursue her Bachelors and Masters of Arts degrees in Nutrition & Natural Health in the fall of 2013 from the College of Natural Health.

D. Scott attended Pace University and the University of Pittsburgh. She studied psychology and
neuroscience. Her presence is felt locally in her hometown of Niagara Falls, NY. Niagara Falls Street News is a forum where she does community showcases as a reporter. She also ghostwrites for local authors and contributes to community projects and charities dealing with literacy. She lives with her son and is a single mother. She is also involuntarily celibate and currently dates Bane from the comic books. She is also studying how to be peaceful from The Incredible Hulk.

Cathy Shaffer Over 10 years of experience in education: consultation and instruction. Personally dedicated to
professional development, as demonstrated by, a commitment to higher learning. Skilled in administering diagnostic assessments and collaborating with, families, schools and communities. Possesses strength and experience in working with individuals of many backgrounds, cultures, disabilities and age groups.

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