Monday, January 30, 2012

Dr. Yuma On Wholistic Health

The spirit, the mind, the body, and the environment all go hand-in-hand in determining our overall health. Despite this well-accepted fact, many still run to the unfulfilling arms of the allopathic medical system that tends to focus on treating one aspect of the body indefinitely, while often disregarding and sometimes disrespecting the spiritual, mental, and environmental states and rights of its patients. This partial and manipulative approach has caused a growing amount of distrust for our current healthcare system, but yet, many of us feel dependent upon it. Why is that, you ask? Because culture is a huge part of what shapes our conscious and subconscious minds, and so many things we read, hear, see, and experience in "western" or American culture actually triggers our minds to promote wellness-degrading decisions while reinforcing the concept that the current medical establishment has all the answers to most self-imposed health concerns. Ironically enough, this is done from a wholistic standpoint, targeting our emotional and physical cravings that are tied to our dissatisfied spirits. In other words, the media is used as a form of mind control to drive you into the money factory of one of the top grossing industries in the world!

To accomplish this mission, the "powers that be" behind this enormous business machine primarily uses two tools against you -- ignorance and fear. The more you don't know, the less you can do for yourself, which means the more you will rely upon those who appear to know what you don't. I've come across too many clients, friends, and family members who have gotten formal diagnoses and pharmaceutical drugs from doctors, but have had no real clue about what was going on with their bodies, let alone what medications they were even taking or what effects those medications would/could have. Once diagnosed, the patient is psychologically in a compromised position, which subjects that person to feel a need to "follow the doctor's orders". Unfortunately, many of the doctors replace the real needs (such as the call for more personal responsibility) with drugs or other treatment methods that have the potential to do just as much (or more) harm to the body as it would help.
On a flip side of the same coin, paid research, news slots, and advertisements that may be biased to this type of medicine is used to ridicule or belittle the effectiveness of wholistic, natural and "alternative" methods of healing. Being exposed to this day in and day out without it being balanced by an equal opposing viewpoint is a form of conditioning that is very difficult to overturn, especially when we don't realize it's happened! But here are 5 simple facts that may give you something to think about in regards to how you will manage your health:

1) Much of today's medical knowledge comes from texts that were documented hundreds to thousands of years ago, with the oldest originating from Africans in the land we now know as Egypt. Documented there were subjects of anatomy, disease identification, spiritual and all natural remedies for many of those ailments, and even surgical procedures. In comparison, the current medical system has been in place for less than 200 years, and has not claimed the ability to cure anything since the polio vaccination in 1955.

2) Many pharmaceutical drugs are synthesized with active ingredients that stem from the molecular structures of components found in natural substances (such as foods, crystals, and herbs) known to have healing effects on the body, mind, & spirit.

3) Approximately 48,000 deaths per year in the U.S. occur from infections acquired while patients are under hospital care.

4) Well over 80% of illness is directly proven to be food and lifestyle related, which leads to millions of deaths and costs over 1 trillion dollars per year in medical expenses, just in the United States alone! The leading cause of death is Heart Disease, which killed more people in 2010 than car accidents, street violence, drug abuse, deadly infections, and the last three U.S. wars COMBINED!

5) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a history of approving pharmaceutical drugs and other substances for human consumption that is deemed to be unsafe, unreliable, or preliminary/experimental. This is one reason for the many drug recalls we've been hearing about in recent years.

written by Dr. Yuma Bellomee (Dr. Yew)

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