Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Affirmation #1: Ascension

Let the depths of our souls shine through our actions and the brightness of our spirits be in our words. Let the radiance of our destinies be fulfilled by the guidance of our hearts and not let our bodies be deterred. As we transition into this time of abundance and transformation may our will be made strong. Let it be made strong by the wisdom of our ancestors, let it be made strong by the understanding of synchronicity and symbol, let it be made strong by the ever present drive with in us that pushes us to become who we were always meant to be. Let us find peace in knowing all is as it was meant to be. So in these times we open up our minds, our hearts, and spirits to receive the wisdom the most high, our ancestors, and guides have given us. We remain positive and up beat as we understand the power of who we are and what we can manifest. ~ashe

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