Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soul Mate Love Letter

Sitting here in the moments before dawn contemplating us and the beauty of you . Your inner-beauty which so fervently takes the reigns in the depths of my soul. Your warm and gentle heart that at times acts like my barrier of protection from the realities of this harsh and cruel world. Your child like playfulness and joy that never fails to bring a smile to my face, and of course your smile in and of its self whos beauty surpasses the human understanding of perfection. You are light even in times of darkness and you are joy even in times of sorrow. You are strength in times of weakness and you are my ever-present hero. Your love has presented me with an opportunity to redeem myself in qualities i thought i had lost. You've shown me that my own heart can feel and heal again and that i am deserving of love. I am grateful at the seemingly simple part that you have played in my transformation but the main attribute of this action which can not be over looked is the restoration of my faith in love and the most high. Through you i have reconnected with parts of myself i feared were permanently lost Thank you for being the vessel through which this healing occurred i am grateful toward you and will forever remember your kindness and great love.

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