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Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Ascension

Despite what you may think most people are familiar with some form of ascension. In the christian faith it is referred to as the great rapture. In other cultures or spiritual practices it's referred to as the harvest or enlightenment. What ever the name, the main theme of spiritual ascension is ultimate liberation from the human condition. A process that one goes through to escape the cycle of reincarnation by fulfilling the souls yearning to return to oneness with the most high.many different spiritual practices especially those with and emphasis on the esoteric aspects of spirituality, have mapped out specific paths for those seeking soul fulfillment to follow. All of these paths require one to go with in and reconnect with the truest aspects of self. For many centuries spiritual ascension was reserved for special high priest and masters of the mysteries of self but with the ending of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius, everything has lined up for a great awakening into higher realms of consciousness. This cosmic shift has allowed a multitude of light workers to be awakened at this time and begin to fulfill our purpose of ushering in a new age and consciousness on this planet.

A light worker is a simple term used to describe those who have returned to the earth at this time to help the planet transition into higher realms of consciousness. Other names include star seeds, angels, ancestors, ascended masters, neteru, gods/goddesses returned. In essence we are those who have previously mastered the human condition and have returned at this time to aid others as well as the planet itself during this time of transition. We do this by performing certain services both in the physical and in the spirit. Each light worker understanding their connection to the planet and all living things, knows that by raising their vibratory rates they in turn do so for all that is around them. (as above so below, as with in so with out.) So we will be compelled to by our minds, our body, and our spirit to align ourselves with the shift in consciousness.

Some of the signs and symptoms of ascension will include
  1. Emotion or Mood Changes
  • mood swings
  • energy increases and decreases
  • becoming more sensitive to your needs as well as those of others
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • a increased sensitivity to negative energy
Explanation and Tips: Let yourself fully feel the emotions as the come. Releasing this energy will help your spirit to fully clear away certain blockages in the mind and spirit.

2. A feeling that you have deeply changed
  • feeling compelled to grow and improve yourself
  • feeling compelled to learn more
  • a need or want to find yourself
  • shying away from old habits and people
  • feeling closer to nature
  • shying away from bad habits
  • a need to surround yourself with positive people and environments
Explanation and Tips: Follow your spirit allow it to guide you. go with in by meditating, doing yoga, practicing deep breathing, and separate yourself from the distractions that maybe present in your life

3. A Change in dietary patters and health concerning sickness or illness
  • new food allergies
  • a want or need to eat lighter
  • a want to eat healthier or more natural foods
  • increased cravings for protein
  • increase and decrease in wants to eat
  • increased sensitivity in the body to illness
  • random aches and pains
  • heart palpitations
  • flu like symptoms
  • ringing in the ears
  • craving specific foods
  • short term memory loss
  • sleeping in triads waking between 2-4am
  • in congruent body feelings
  • feeling a pulsation in the middle of your forehead
  • needing to supplement your diet
Explanation and Tips: Eat a healthier diet stay away from heavy cooked, fried, or greasy foods. Your spirit and body are vibrating on a higher frequency. Your body's reactions in illness, or pains is its way of telling you that you need to balance yourself. Detoxing from toxins in the body by eating a cleansing diet, raw foods and juices, and detoxifying herbs will aid your body in eliminating the physical components of the blockage and allow your mind to become freer to interpret the messages of your spirit.

4. Synchronizations and Quicker Manifestations
  • you may begin to see number sequences like 11:11 or 333 444 555 ect.
  • you may notice that your thoughts, dreams, visions are coming true
  • increased deja vu or outter body feelings
  • lucid dreaming, astro-projection
  • seeing ancestors in dreams or while awake
  • seeing orbs of light or flashes
  • opportunities lining up for you
  • certain people being brought into your life at the right time
  • prevented from being in bad situations
Explanation and Tips: Look up angelic number sequences to find out the meanings of your numbers. Listen to your intuition as well as look up and record your dreams. Get dream catchers create alters, keep candles incense, crystals, plants, and essential oils.

5. Isolating Yourself
  • spending more time alone
  • shutting out negative friends or family
  • taking a break from watching tv or negative forms of media
  • sleeping long or in short spurts
  • decreased interest in interacting with large groups of people
  • creating a small close circle of friends
  • lack of interest in material things/world
Explanation and Tips: this change is due to the fact that your spirit is becoming more sensitive to energy itself. So it becomes easier to overload your mind and spirit with too much energy. This down time will allow you the stillness you need to realign and reconnect with yourself. Try not to over so it stay connected with trusted and close friends and family who can benefit from your new way of life.

6. New Found Abilities
  • taking on new hobbies and interests
  • acquiring new skills
  • becoming more creative
  • increased urge to express yourself
  • new found healing and calming abilities
  • new found foresight, dreams, visions
  • sudden appreciation of nature and animals
  • new life path or direction
  • sudden epiphanies
  • feelings of oneness
Explanation and Tips: Go with the flow express your self find ways to challenge yourself in expression. Also pay attention to how you can apply your gifts to help others.

7. Life Changing Events
  • loss of job or a change in occupation
  • dropping out of school
  • major break ups, relationship difficulties
  • moving away
  • losing your home
  • feeling a loss of identity
  • losing some one close to you by death or other means
Explanation and Tips: All of these things signify that now is a time for major changes in our lives. These specific moments are transition periods. We must end old things to begin new ones (Life and death cycles)

In order to find balance, it is important to understand that all these things convenient or inconvenient are happening for a reason and serving a greater purpose. Doing activities like visualizations, walking, exercising period and listening to your intuition can help you to alleviate some of the more inconvenient symptoms. Therapies like light, crystal, sound and frequencies, chanting, mantras, reading self help and spiritual information, and creating a place to express your new found awareness. Bring your body, mind, and spirit back to a state of balance.

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